Omni’s Plans for iOS 7

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Looks like The Omni Group have some spiffy new versions coming soon:

Brand new versions of three of our iOS apps: OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, OmniOutliner 2 for iPad, and OmniPlan 2 for iPad. We’ll be submitting final builds of those apps to Apple this week and you’ll be able to purchase them as soon as they are approved for sale in the App Store. We’ve redesigned all three apps to take full advantage of Apple’s latest technologies, and that means that they require iOS 7.

I’m especially interested to see what the new version of Omnifocus looks like. It’s one of the apps I use every day, so improvements will be welcome — but I’m also a little nervous. It works pretty damn well already!

I predict that there will be a sizable undercurrent of angry muttering that this is a paid update, especially as I’m sure that Omni won’t price it cheaply. Thing is — you can’t expect to buy something once and then get free regular upgrades for the next 5 years.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the apps I use will have new, paid iOS 7 versions, rather than free upgrades.