Reeder 2

Finally, at long last, Reeder 2 has come to iOS. This is a universal release, so it works both on iPad and iPhone.

Put it this way:

If you don’t have the original Reeder and you want to read RSS on an iOS device, or you do but want to read on the iPad as well as iPhone: get this app.

If you’re like me and you read almost all of your feeds on your iPhone and your computer: you really don’t need to spend $5 on this upgrade. Aside from the slight UI overhaul (emphasis on slight) there’s very little difference between the old and new Reeder on iPhone. There’s nothing here that will tempt me away from the version which still works on my iPhone.

I’ll switch eventually, if some new features come along, but not for a while. What I’d really like to see is Reeder for Mac, but based on how fast after the Google Reader shutdown the iOS version came out,1 I’m not holding my breath.

Reeder 2 is

  1. 2 months and 10 days, for those who’re keeping track…