Three Great Things About Calendars 5

I try to stay away from new Productivity apps as much as possible — I’d have no free time at all, otherwise — but last week saw the launch of Calendars 5, a new app from Readdle which builds on the success of their previous app, Calendars +. That app was always near the top of my list for great iPhone apps, but recently it’d been edged out a bit by the updated version of Agenda.

The new Calendars app looked so good I had to try it. It’s a really great, iOS 7 ready product, and certainly one of the best calendaring solutions available. But three features really popped this app right back to its previous place of honor on my home screen.

Natural language input

This is a killer feature that debuted on the iOS scene with the release of Fantastical. This makes it easy to very quickly input events just by typing them out in plain English. I find this invaluable when scheduling anything on the go. Until now I’ve used Fantastical (sometimes in conjunction with Drafts) for entering events, and something else for viewing or editing them. Finally, a calendar app that brings both together in a nice package.

Custom recurring dates

It’s amazing how few calendaring applications will actually let you break out of the mold and schedule events with some kind of human pattern. Calendars 5 allows enough customization for my needs. If you want to schedule things based on the lunar equinox you might be out of luck, but it’ll handle most scenarios.

Smart event icons

This is just a little piece of design which shows the thought that’s been put into Calendars 5. When you schedule an event with certain words the icon beside it in list view changes to give a little visual indication of the nature of the event. So, for example, an event containing the word “Gym” has an icon that looks like a little barbell.

It has very little effect on the functionality, but it’s a nice touch.

Here are the words that have an effect: call, meet, birthday, b-day, party, coffee, speech, departure, arrival, clock, bicycle, gym, bowling, golf, tennis, football, volleyball, swimming, baseball, rugby, basketball, pills.

An around great app, and one which I look forward to using. If you’re looking for a Calendar app this is certainly worth a try.

Calendars 5 is available for iOS: