So Yahoo “redesigned” their logo. I’ve always hated their branding, which seemed weirdly clumsy and dated for such a behemoth of a company. At least until now they had the excuse that it was old.

Now it’s been updated, and it’s almost worse.

It scales badly, the kerning is terrible, it’s got some Baby’s First Photoshop beveling on it, it’s just bad.

Is there anyone who likes it?

Logo, Bullshit & Co., Inc.:

The hard part of rebranding a giant like Yahoo is not how the logo looks. It doesn’t matter so much if some dislike it. A logo is not decorative, it works more like an icon. It needs to be clear. Brands create orientation. The most beautiful toilet sign is useless if men constantly walk into the ladies’ room.

Glenn Fleishman:

The Yahoo logo design process represents the worst aspects of someone who doesn’t understand or accept that type design, typography, and graphic design in general are professions that benefit from years or decades of training.

Daniel Jalkut:

It’s that point of gullible disbelief where one starts to look around for hidden cameras. Are we being punked? Is Marissa Mayer merely making a mockery of Yahoo! and its identity, or if she is snickering churlishly as she pulls off an elaborate prank, hi-fiving her co-conspirators as they witnesses the world react jaw-gapingly to their purported pride in these actions?

Apparently not.