Yup, you should pay for Omnifocus 2

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Sven Fechner with some thoughts on Omnifocus 2 for iPhone:

Professional applications cost money – every time there is a major update (anyone sank buckets of money into Adobe applications in the past years?). That money pays the developers, designers, testers and all other people involved in creating the application. And yes, it also makes a profit for the company behind it. I seriously wonder what has happened that is now wrong. Only because it is a product you cannot touch does not mean it is not worth something! Try to walk into a BMW dealership and upgrade 3 series to the latest version for free.

I’ve seen a lot of unaccountably entitled people complaining about the price of Omnifocus 2 ($19.99) and it honestly baffles me. I can’t understand what makes people expect free updates forever and ever. It’d be a different story if an app stopped working a week after you got it.

But if you can still use the original app and you’re complaining because someone has made a better one and hasn’t decided to give it to you for free? You’re insane.

Do you really think the few bucks you paid 4 years ago is going to sustain the developer till they die, churning out update after update?