One Password? No, 1Password! (Anywhere)

As I’ve mentioned before, I use 1Password1. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, 1Password is a “password and identity manager”. It’s basically a big electronic safe that holds any kind of information you need to remember but don’t want anyone else to know. For someone like me, who hates keeping anything in my head if it’s not immediately relevant to the task at hand[^2], it’s ideal. But really, anyone, you should go and get this. Not convinced? Here’s some of the benefits of using it.

Anyway, I use it so often that when I can’t I feel weird. I was on a computer that didn’t have it recently and I found I was pretty much crippled. I couldn’t even check my email2. What luck, there is a handy way to access all of your 1Password data through a browser, by opening a file in your Dropbox (or, really, opening the file from anywhere, you could have it on a USB stick) called 1PasswordAnywhere.

If you don’t use 1Password, and you are at least 80% organic, then you’re either going to forget most of your passwords most of the time, or you are going to have your bank account cleaned out by an anonymous person with a lot of numbers in their name.

  1. Has anyone else attempted to recommend or explain 1Password to another person, only to have to spend 45 seconds explaining that, no, you don’t use one password, you use 1Password? It’s happened to me more than once. Most dispiriting reply: “Yeah, me too!”. [^2]:See this article. 

  2. Because my email password is 50 characters long.