Launch Center Pro with TextExpander

Launch Center Pro has just updated to v1.0.3, and something I’ve been eagerly anticipating is included: TextExpander Touch support!

I’m sure that more creative types than I will come up with a plethora of exciting ways to use this, but one thing I was looking forward to being able to do is now possible: easily including the date in a new file’s name.

(I’ve started using Writing Kit recently so that’s the Launch Center Pro action I’ll use this for, but really you could use this for any new file that has a URL schema that allows you to pre-insert the file name.)

If you use TextExpander, chances are you already have a few date-inserting snippets, but if not they are simple enough to create (see the FAQ). I use %y-%m-%d a lot, which yields dates in the format 12-08-23.

Just make a Launch Center Pro action that has [prompt] in the file name area, and you can input your date snippet as usual.

EDIT: Of course, what would be even more ideal would be actual automatic snippet completion within the action URL, which would bypass the whole process of typing ‘sdate’. But it looks like we’ll have to wait for that.