The Five Coolest Spacecraft in Science Fiction

5. The Defiant

Finally, a reason to believe that Starfleet could actually hold their own against the Dominion and their craggy, triceratop-esque cadre of shock troops. Coolest moment: Eventually getting to do the thing it was designed for: fighting the Borg. You know it’s an exciting scene when Worf’s hair comes out of his ponytail.

4. Galactica

The majority of Galactica’s service occurs in the 50 years before we ever see her. So when we meet her she’s already a elder stateswoman. It’s not often that ships this big have such a potent personality. Coolest moment: Falling through the atmosphere of New Caprica.

3. Starfury (Babylon 5)

It’s hard to imagine that any pilot could survive the immense forces that even twitching the controls of this thing would exert. Coolest moment: The Battle of the Line

2. Serenity

The tenth character of the Firefly series. Coolest moment:I’m a leaf on the wind.”

1. The Falcon

No explanation necessary. Coolest moment: The Asteroid bit.