It's Important To Me

There’s a weird trope that I’ve been noticing a lot recently in movies and TV. You might recognize it.

One character wants to do something or have something happen. Another character is getting in their way, refusing to countenance their demands or ignoring their requests. It doesn’t really matter what it is, the argument is always over when Character One says the magic words:

“This is really important to me”.

Boom. Instant argument winner. “Honey, you know, this is really important to me.” Then they get a dog, or go to Hawaii, or take swing-dancing lessons, or whatever. Because it’s important.

It’s become one of those infuriating social understandings that everyone just accepts without thought. Here’s another couple:

  • “Well, if it’s going to make you happy, you should do it!”

  • “I just think it’s great that you’re so passionate about x.”

Does this bother anyone else? Am I the only one who thinks that making yourself happy just might not be the highest goal you can achieve? Does it matter at all that passion is meaningless unless it’s directed towards something valuable? Why is logic completely divorced from popular media?

Wait, that last was rhetorical. It’s because the human psyche yearns for the quick fix. Our itchy trigger finger on the metaphorical morphine buttons of life has created an environment where nonsense flourishes like dandelions. (A rare case of fertilizer growing in fertilizer.) So we get Buzzfeed, and American Idol, and Madea. We’re constantly forgoing the work it’d take to appreciate something great in order to scratch our mind-scabs again.

Leave it alone, it’ll get better.

It’s important to me. How depressing that we’re four centuries distant from Galileo and we’re still pretending that everything revolves around us.

How about questioning whether it should be important to you, and if so, should it be important to anyone else? Maybe there’ll be less people quitting their jobs to make Art… but I think I could live with that. Hey, if it’s going to make me happy, right?