Delete VSCO Cam Unedited Duplicates (Hazel)

For my money there’s no better way to edit photos on the iPhone than VSCO Cam. In fact I almost never bother to edit photos in anything else.

Using the app has one annoying side effect, though. Here’s what happens to my photos (the edited ones, anyway).

  1. Take photo in stock IOS camera app (fastest)
  2. Import to VSCO Cam and edit
  3. Save to camera stream
  4. Dropbox nabs them and uploads them to my Camera Uploads folder

I’m not proclaiming this as my perfect photo-management worrrkflow. Now that we have a baby to take pictures of I’m in the market for something that will let me catalog the vast amount of photos I’ll be taking. But this is it for now. I like the added security of knowing that Dropbox has my pictures, and it makes getting and viewing them on my laptop really easy.

The negative thing about this system is that for every nice VSCO-edited photo, there is a corresponding unedited photo, which I never want. (If it turned out that I did need it, I could always get it from the VSCO Cam app.) These duplicates clog up my photo folder, and it’s annoying to see them when I’m going through my photos.

So I created a Hazel rule which automatically moves them all to a folder called “Unprocessed duplicates”.

Download the rule

Once you import this to Hazel, just move it into your “Camera Uploads” rules folder.

The “Description contains VSCOcam” condition can be used for number of other rules for organizing photos too, but this is the most useful I’ve come up with.

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